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Nicky Benson
About Me

A Passion for education

Let me offer you a glimpse into my journey and why I might be the right partner for you.

I hail from the  city of Liverpool and spent my formative years in a traditional  village in Somerset, UK. I studied a BSC in Human Biology and my professional journey then began as a Primary School Teacher in the diverse area  of Stockwell, South London, where I discovered my passion for education and leadership.

Nicky Benson

Early Career Influences

An exciting chapter unfolded when I joined The Body Shop in its early days, leading their Global Product Training Team. Here, I witnessed the incredible synergy of values, passion, and purpose driving commercial success—an ethos profoundly influenced by the visionary Anita Roddick. Her words, "Be courageous. It's one of the only places left uncrowded," resonate deeply with my approach to leadership and life.

Hands on experience

After a year of travelling around South America and eager for hands-on experience, I  ventured into entrepreneurship by opening my own retail franchise of The Body Shop.


This journey exposed me to the intricate challenges of running a business and leading a team through diverse commercial and personal challenges.

Nicky Benson coach
NIcky Benson coach

How I landed in New Zealand

In 2002, fuelled by a sense of adventure, my life partner, our two young children, and I embraced the courage to start a new chapter in New Zealand. My roles spanned the retail corporate, entrepreneurial, social entrepreneurial, and consultancy sectors.


These diverse experiences enrich my understanding and credibility of the varied challenges and expectations faced, shaping how I collaborate with clients.

Why work with me ?

With over 23 years of professional coaching and facilitation, I consider myself a lifelong learner. Equipped with an abundance of qualifications and tools, my style is grounded in the latest research and practice  and yet flexible, intuitive and  personalised to your needs.

"Kind but Kick-Ass Coach"

Described as intuitive, courageous, insightful, creative, and grounded, I am known for 'tough empathy,' earning me the description by some as a "Kind but Kick Ass Coach." My goal is to help you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you aspire to be, all while uncovering valuable insights about yourself along the way.

My passion lies in fostering authentic and inclusive leadership, creating cultures of belonging where individuals can contribute at their fullest. It takes courage to step into your best self, and I am here to guide you in identifying where you can make the most significant impact.

In the wise words of Brené Brown, "We desperately need more leaders committed to courageous, wholehearted leadership—leaders who lead from their hearts, not from hurt and fear."

I collaborate with leaders and organisations, co-designing initiatives, whether it's workshops or programs. My commitment is to ensure your expected outcomes are not just met but deeply ingrained, driving lasting behaviour change.

If this resonates with you, I'm here to be your partner in growth and transformative leadership. Find out more about what some of my clients success stories below.

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