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Senior Leadership Team Coaching

 As  senior leader in your organisation you wear a number of hats. Often the focus can be on leading your own team with the team  off-site being the only place where you truly get the chance to  connect as a senior leadership team.

Many senior teams are recognising the value of a trusted team coach to support them to be their best and operate consistently across the organisation. 

Nicky Benson coaching

Maybe you are all feeling under pressure , conversations seem to hit roadblocks, and there's an underlying tension among team members.

It feels like everyone is on a different page when it comes to the big picture and whilst you get together for off-sites and things improve you quickly revert back to being leaders of your individual business.


Sound familiar? 

As a team coach, I serve as a guide to help senior teams really focus on where they  make the biggest difference , find alignment on key goals, roles and responsibilities , find their  rhythm, address  communication breakdowns, interpersonal conflicts, and align members with ways of working to have the greatest impact.

Reasons to work with me

By creating a partnership with you I hold the space to support you to have the conversations that really matter and co-create better ways of working together. Beyond resolving immediate issues, my approach focuses on developing leadership skills, enhancing collaboration, and building adaptability to change.

With a background including the completion of the International Systemic Team Coaching Certificate in London with Peter Hawkins in July 2019, my goal is to enable you to  create a healthier, more connected, and effective senior team, fostering long-term success through a core emphasis on continuous learning.

Systemic team coaching is a process by which a team coach works with a whole team, both when they are together and apart in order to help them improve their collective performance when together and how they develop collective leadership to effectively engage with their stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider business.

In partnering with me, you're not just addressing current challenges; you're investing in the future success of your organisation. Together, we'll transform your team dynamics, elevate performance, and create a workplace where talent not only flourishes but actively contributes to the organisation's overarching success.

"We worked with Nicky as our  senior leadership team coach over a period of 15 months.. The tailored approach fostered a deep sense of trust and collaboration within the leadership team, creating an environment conducive to open dialogue and innovative thinking, a process that wasn’t always comfortable."
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