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Nicky Benson Leadership coach
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Executive & Leadership Coaching

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) describes coaching as “partnering  in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires a person  to maximise their personal and professional potential’’

I am  an ICF Professional Certified executive and leadership coach  with over 23 years professional experience. I have mastered  my skills under the guidance of world-class mentors in both the UK and Australasia.

My  coaching helps leaders perform and transform - rising to the challenges of today and the future opportunities facing them, their teams and  organisation.

Nicky Benson leadership coach

I help leaders step into being their best, building confidence and courage, and adapting to what their role needs from them through unpredictability and change.

I ignite energy and enthusiasm, inspiring personal ‘self-leadership and greater authenticity.’ 

My approach to coaching is flexible, combining sensitivity with tough empathy to help leaders build self-awareness of their capabilities and challenges.

Working with me you  can put in place the tangible steps you need to move forward in both your  career and personal life. My coaching helps create and establish the space to reflect, challenge and establish the  steps needed to make the changes that are right for you.

Reasons to work with me

I specialise in supporting leaders facing the complex challenge  of leading change, those who know they need to prioritise  their own development  at the same time as delivering results and supporting their teams to thrive. I am accredited in The Leadership Circle Profile

Authentic Leadership

Authenticity isn’t fixed, it’s a journey of raising our self-awareness, reflecting, practising and embedding different ways of acting and being to meet the needs of your organisation and people. This collaborative journey involves exploring who you are, your journey and what you stand for and developing a unique leadership approach that feels genuine and impactful, enabling you to truly show up at your best.

Emotional and  Mental Well-being

Maybe you are experiencing increased stress, reactivity or feelings of overwhelm. Rooted in the science of health with the art of practical application I partner with you to enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing. I am a certified Mental Health Coach

Leadership Development

As a leader you know that working on and developing your skills and adapting your behaviour is crucial to your ability to lead and inspire change. I support leaders to understand where their strengths and opportunities lie and together create a plan to bring this to life.

Leading through change

Leading in today's world is unpredictable , this demands different ways of showing up as a leader. I support leaders to embrace ambiguity, lean into seeking different perspectives and adapt their style to meet what’s needed to support and lead organisational change whilst still being strong in their identity and authenticity.

"I’ve had 18 months of coaching with Nicky, we set clear objectives for our coaching sessions which made the time productive and useful.  Her guidance through change, her reminder to maintain perspective and curiosity and her challenge on maintaining boundaries and prioritising self-care have been really formative for my ongoing leadership journey."

Alex Wilson -Director Te Uru Rākau - New Zealand Forest Service

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