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Enabling Teams to Thrive

There are many reasons why you might reach out and work with a facilitator to support you and your team 

As an experienced  facilitator with a proven track record in team coaching and building high-performing teams, I bring a unique set of skills to help you navigate through these challenges.

Tailor made programs

I partner with organisations and teams to design and deliver tailor made programs and interventions to support personal and professional development and build high performing teams particularly during periods of change. 

Workshops can be from a couple of hours to programs from 2 days to 9 month leadership development programs. I work with other trusted associates as required. I am an accredited TMS consultant working in Leadership and Team development. For more information visit

Some of the areas I have supported organisations and teams over the years are:

Navigating Change & Uncertainty:

In today's fast-paced environment, leading through unpredictability demands new approaches. I specialise in supporting leaders and teams during change, providing the tools and strategies needed to navigate the journey ahead with flexibility and confidence. I have supported many organisations over the last 20 years through transformation and enabling people to get more comfortable and skilled in riding the waves of change whether in their personal or professional life.

Building inclusive cultures

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape the success of an organisation is its people -you want to attract and retain the best talent. I have experience and expertise in upskilling in the traits and behaviours that support an inclusive culture, enhancing team dynamics and creating an environment where individuals thrive collaboratively and build inclusive ways of working and contributing their best and to achieve shared goals.

Designing & Delivering Programs:

If your organisation is seeking support in designing and delivering Leadership Programs, I can tailor initiatives that meet your specific needs. Whether it's team-building sessions or skill-building programs, I ensure they align with your organisational objectives. Example of workshops I have co-designed and facilitated include: Leading through change , Leader as Coach , Courageous Conversations, Inclusive leadership , Psychological Flexibility, and Building High Performing Teams.

Team alignment

High performance isn't just about individual achievements. It's about harnessing the collective power of a team towards success. I support teams by running tailor designed team sessions, creating a safe space for real dialogue. Understanding the current landscape and exploring what supports you and what gets in the way gives a platform to explore what behaviours will drive your success, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence to deliver on your purpose.

"With a nationally dispersed leadership team it can be a challenge to maintain connection and co-create an effective working environment.  Nicky facilitated a session with my lead team that helped us confirm our purpose, understand our communication styles, how we can operate more effectively as a team, and identify the behaviours that drive our success.  A truly valuable session that has helped set a foundation for us to work from and from which to measure progress."

Alex Wilson Te Uru Rākau - New Zealand Forest Service, MPI

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