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Success Stories

Nicky Benson is a highly skilled Coach and Facilitator dedicated to empowering both teams and individuals on their journey to personal and professional growth.


With a passion for fostering collaboration and unlocking potential, Nicky brings a wealth of experience and expertise to guide clients in achieving their goals, enhancing performance, and navigating challenges with resilience and confidence. Through a tailored approach, Nicky Benson creates a supportive environment that inspires positive transformation and fosters lasting success. Read success stories about some of the people and organisations she has worked with.

Empowering Leadership Program – Socialink



I designed and developed a transformative six-workshop series delivered over 4 months and designed to empower individuals in the social sector to become more impactful leaders. This innovative program, blending insights, practical tools, and peer support, it was designed to take participants on a journey of self-discovery and skill development, ensuring they are well-equipped to lead their organisations. Each session was half a day with peer groups connection between sessions and pre and post work and reflections.


Session 1 Personal Leadership:

  • Explore personal identity and behavioural drivers.

  • Clarify personal brand for authentic and inclusive leadership.

  • Techniques to manage stress and optimise energy.


Session 2 Building High Performing Teams:

  • Examine the building blocks of high-performing teams.

  • Tackle challenges and opportunities in leading virtual or hybrid teams.

  • Understand communication styles and motivation.


Session 3 Being a Coach:

  • Hone communication skills for coaching and delegation.

  • Build confidence and competence in supporting others.

  • Have a model for structuring your conversation


Session 4 Courageous Conversations:

  • Behaviours to enable open and honest dialogue

  • Develop frameworks for challenging conversations.

  • Reduce resistance and collaborate for solutions.


Session 5 Leading Through Change:

  • Understand the emotional responses to change 

  • Plan for and communicate during periods of change.

  • Address emotional responses and support transitions.


Session 6 Leadership is a journey:

  • Reflect on key insights and challenges.

  • Peer group presentations of learnings.

  • Explore next steps on the leadership journey.


Participants gained a deeper understanding of themselves, acquired practical leadership skills, and built a supportive network. The workshop series culminates in a reflective session, allowing individuals to consolidate their learnings and present key insights to their peers.



"This workshop series not only transformed my leadership style but also provided a network of support that continues beyond the program." - Workshop Participant
"An amazing program that has given so much opportunity to grow and learn with practical useful tools and a new community of support. Really appreciated Nicky’s facilitation, capable knowledge and real -world experience and the respect she showed for our learning journey."

Empowering Customer-Facing Teams: Navigating Challenging Conversations with Confidence.


In the dynamic landscape of financial services, frontline teams often engage in challenging conversations with clients facing fraud or financial constraints. To fortify their abilities and well-being, I designed and facilitated a tailored series of short, focused sessions for the contact centre in the Customer Financial well - being and Fraud teams for a major bank. These sessions aim to equip leaders with effective communication strategies, resilience-building techniques, and advanced skills for navigating difficult dialogues.

Building Resilience, Enhancing Communication, and Mastering Challenging Dialogues


Session 1: Communication Mastery for Challenging Dialogues

Theme: Understanding Your Communication Style

In the fast-paced world of financial services, effective communication is at the heart of navigating challenging client conversations. This session kicks off with an exploration of diverse communication styles, emphasizing the importance of adaptability to meet clients' needs. Leaders delve into the art of guiding conversations, learning essential coaching skills and graceful techniques for closing interactions. Peer case consultations provide a practical platform for honing these newfound skills, fostering a supportive environment for growth.


Session 2: Recharge, Not Just Endure - Cultivating Resilience

Theme: Building Rituals and Routines for Support

Resilience is not about enduring challenges but strategically recharging to face them. This session delves into the sources of energy that either build or drain us. Leaders learn to construct rituals and routines that bolster personal well-being and set healthy boundaries in the demanding world of customer-facing roles. Techniques for recentering and understanding the language of emotions equip leaders with tools to maintain resilience. Insights and commitments made during the session prompt reflection on personal changes and victories.


Session 3: Mastering the Art of Challenging Dialogues

Theme: Mindful Presence and Powerful Dialogues

Participants reconnect and share experiences since the first session, they embark on a journey of mindful presence and deep listening. This session emphasizes the profound connection between mindfulness and effective communication, incorporating practices to deepen and broaden skills. From powerful questioning and exercises to seeking understanding and pressing pause, leaders engage in empathy and validation practices. The reframing tool introduced enables a perspective shift, empowering participants to take action in challenging situations. Learnings and commitments conclude the session, setting the stage for ongoing growth and mastery.

Outcomes: Participants emerged from the series with enhanced communication skills, greater resilience, and mastery in navigating challenging conversations. The peer support structure ensures ongoing growth and a resilient, united team prepared to handle any client interaction.

Testimonials form participants on this program:


"This workshop series transformed our approach to challenging conversations, making us more effective and empathetic leaders in the front lines." 
Content was great, clear & easy to understand. I really liked the format of several shorter sessions spread over a few weeks. That gave us time to practise, embed learning and apply new ideas.
"Nicky was an awesome presenter, involved everybody, was easy to listen to and the sessions flowed well with opportunity to discuss real life examples."
"Thank you Nicky for facilitating the sessions I personally found great and feedback from my team was awesome too. We feel more confident in navigating the ongoing conversations with our customers."

Navigating Change with Confidence: One Day Walk the Talk Workshop

Building Competence and Confidence in Difficult Dialogues for a Diverse Workforce.


In an era of constant change and evolving workplace dynamics, the ability to engage in uncomfortable, courageous, and constructive conversations is paramount. The Financial Servies Client I designed and deliver this for recognises the significance of Health and Wellness at work, especially in its diverse workforce, where difficult conversations take various forms.

This workshop is meticulously designed to empower participants, fostering confidence and competence in navigating authentic and challenging dialogues. With an emphasis on adaptability and fluid communication, the workshop addresses the need for more in-depth conversations, aligning with new legislative requirements and meeting stakeholders' needs.


Facilitated with ample opportunities for discussion, sharing, and practice, this workshop builds on the latest research. Real scenarios from the business serve as the foundation for practical exercises in small groups, providing valuable feedback. Participants not only gain theoretical insights but also enhance their competence and confidence in handling challenging conversations.

Key Outcomes:

  • Recognise the conversations crucial to your role and model behaviours for a healthy and productive culture through change.

  • Develop increased self-awareness, courage, and confidence in navigating challenging conversations.

  • Acquire techniques for managing your state, staying present, and demonstrating empathy in difficult conversations.

  • Enhance listening and questioning skills to facilitate more meaningful and productive dialogues.

  • Demonstrate the ability to engage in courageous conversations with presence and confidence.

  • Gain an increased understanding of the signs and indicators of good to poor mental health, fostering open conversations about health and wellness.

  • Bring new ways of leading to life within teams, across colleagues, and throughout the organisation.

  • Leave the workshop inspired and energised, equipped with the skills and mindset to navigate change with confidence.

Testimonials form participants on this program:


 "This workshop transformed our approach to difficult conversations, giving us the tools to navigate change effectively and foster a culture of open dialogue." 
"I left this program feeling confident and excited about putting what I learned into action. Nicky created a safe environment for us to practice and get feedback and the tools and frameworks will be invaluable both for me and my team."
"I feel more able to manage my state and be present and connected in the conversations I have. The techniques on validation and questioning gave me great tools to add to my communication tool kit, thank you Nicky."
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