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Work With Me

I specialise in supporting leaders facing the complex challenge of leading change, those who know they need to prioritise  their own development  at the same time as delivering results and supporting their teams to thrive.

 Executive & Leadership Coaching

Senior Leadership Team Coaching

Enabling Teams to Thrive

Mental Health Coach with PREKURE

What people say

"Nicky is a brilliant and inspiring facilitator. She is smart, flexible, adaptable, and highly skilled. She is a special human who cares about others, building an easy rapport. Would use her again in a heartbeat."

Annie Ackerman . CEO The Big Idea

How I Work

If you're curious about the possibility of working together, reaching out is the first step. We can schedule a 30-minute virtual meet-and-greet to explore if our collaboration would be a good match.

Once aligned, my typical recommendation is a package of 6-8 coaching sessions, followed by a review. To ensure comprehensive alignment, I often suggest involving your manager or sponsor in an early session, focusing on big-picture outcomes. 

Every conversation we have is held in strict confidence, and I adhere to the ICF (International Coach Federation) code of ethics, ensuring the highest professional standards.

As your leadership coach, my role is to be your partner, providing a trusted space for you to explore  your goals and find a path forward. I help you navigate your journey, be well informed, be clearer on your goals, confront  problems and make empowered choices.

I'll guide you toward heightened awareness of your life experiences, natural thinking biases, beliefs, and values. 

Our coaching journey  often explores  inner narrative, identifying strategies that support you and what gets in the way , raising your awareness  and challenging limited beliefs and mindsets, enabling you to be the captain of your life.

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