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Empowering Authentic, Wholehearted Leadership 

Nicky Benson Coach & Facilitator

Empowering  Authentic Leaders・Cultivating Mental & Emotional  Wellbeing・Building Inclusive Cultures

Welcome to your journey to authentic, wholehearted leadership. As a seasoned Coach and Facilitator with a wealth of experience supporting leaders, teams, and organisations, I'm here to guide you through the challenges and opportunities that come with leading yourself and others in today's dynamic landscape.

Leadership in today's complex world requires us working on ourselves with  courage and compassion and at the same time  ensuring we connect and build trust to grow teams that adapt and  deliver. It's about showing up authentically  with a genuine commitment to your team's and organisations success.

Work With Me

I specialise in supporting leaders facing the complex challenge  of leading change, those who know they need to prioritise  their own development  at the same time as delivering results and supporting their teams to thrive.

Supporting Leaders

Authentic Leadership isn't just about guiding others; it's also about continuous self-reflection and personal development. In the hustle and bustle of leadership responsibilities, finding time for self-reflection can be challenging, and yet, it is often the most crucial aspect of effective leadership. Leadership can be demanding, and it's okay to seek support. I'm here to help you build the mental and emotional capacity needed to not only lead effectively but also thrive personally. Perhaps you're part of a leadership team with immense potential, but you're facing challenges in harnessing that talent cohesively.

Strengthening Teams

Team dynamics can be complex, and conflicts may be simmering beneath the surface. If you know things could be better but are unsure where to start, I can guide your team toward clarity of purpose, co-create an inclusive team culture, and enhance understanding and collaboration to support you to be a thriving, high performing team. Navigating constant change requires upskilling and cultivating inclusive ways of working. As a sought-after facilitator and team coach, I partner with you to design workshops and programs that drive the behaviour change necessary for success. Whether you're an individual leader or part of a team, my goal is to provide the skills and insights needed to thrive in today's dynamic environment.

Unlocking potential

As an accredited HeartMath Practitioner and certified Mental Wellness coach with PREKURE, I bring additional expertise in supporting emotional and mental wellbeing. Together, we'll create a customised coaching and facilitation approach that suits your unique needs, driving impactful outcomes and lasting success. Embark on this empowering journey with me. Let's make your leadership experience not only collaborative and edgy but also inspiring and transformative. Embrace the challenges, unlock your potential, and lead authentically in a way that not only propels your success but also enhances the well-being of your team and organisation.

Clients Nicky has worked with

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"Nicky is a brilliant and inspiring facilitator. She is smart, flexible, adaptable, hugely skilled. She is a special human who cares about others, building an easy rapport. Would use her again in a heartbeat."

Annie Ackerman Chief Executive, The Big Idea

About me

Let me offer you a glimpse into my journey and why I might be the right partner for you.

With over 23 years of professional coaching and facilitation, I consider myself a lifelong learner. Equipped with an abundance of qualifications and tools, my style is grounded in the latest research and practice  and yet flexible, intuitive and  personalised to your needs,

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